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Rochester Indiana

We Have:  Lots of rehabbed, recycled and upcycled furniture.  All are reasonably priced.  Choose from: tables, buffets, vanities, cabinets, bookcases & more!  We love vintage furniture fixed up and painted black and french country, but we do other colors as well.  Big, ever changing inventory!
How To's
Painting:  When we paint our white cupboards we use WalMart Color Place Country White and Antique white paint.  We paint the cupboards with Country White and then we dry brush Antique White over it to give it a two toned look.  Or you can paint it with Antique White and dry brush Country White over it.  When you dry brush, you just dip your brush in the paint and scrape it off.  Then just lightly brush over the cupboard so it's not solid.  Our black items are painted with black latex satin.  After painting we apply Deft over it.  Sometimes we rub off the paint on the high spots.

**If you want a little warmer look, add a little brown.
**To make our driftwood look, go over this with a dry brush coat of pale green and on top of that a dry brush coat of pale blue or grey.

Green Oak Antiques
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